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winery & vineyards

At an altitude between 2,132 and 2,460 feet, our vineyards are cultivated on rocky, calcareous soil, providing our wine with its remarkable minerality.

We have 30 hectares (approx. 74 acres) with an ample selection of varieties such as Graciano, Moravia agria, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and a new project with Bobal.

The continental climate, along with the Mediterranean breeze, favors the slow ripening process and the perfect formation of polyphenols. The healthy balance of rain and sun during the ripening process help reduce the risk of plant diseases. These natural conditions guarantee the excellent quality of our wine.

how we make our wine

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Maceration is controlled at a low temperature (39.2℉) during 5-6 days while the grapes are mechanically rotated to extract color and aroma from the grape’s skin.

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Fermentation is carried out with natural yeasts while maintaining a daily mechanical rotation during 10-20 days. Through wine racking, a second stage of fermentation takes place, one part in the tank and one in the barrel.

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Pressing is achieved through the use of traditional vertical wine pressing machines where the pressed wine is separated from the “free run” wine, guaranteeing optimum quality.

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Our wine aging room is lined with French and American oak barrels.

The wine is aged between two and twelve months in the barrel. After a light preventative filtration and a natural decantation process the wine is bottled. It then rests in the bottle before sold on the market.

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